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We carefully analyze details of the professions we offer prep tests for. Since there is such variation in exams, we cannot predict exactly what your exam will be like. However, after studying many announcements and many exams, we have created this site to prepare you for questions that you are likely to face. The prep tests, while they are not actual exams, will give you an excellent practice and preperation for your professional exam.
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Every year the job market seems to get smaller and the competition tougher and tougher to land that "great" job.

Professional license is necessary to work in most professions, and professional certifications allow you, in some cases, to stand out from "the other guy" or get that raise in pay that you desire. www.1295ExamPrep.com has assembled thousands of questions, from hundreds of credible sources that will prepare you to take your license exam or professional certification test.


1. Choose the professional catagory you are preparing to test for.
2. Each profession has several hundred questions that you can take. Within that profession we offer several prep exams. Each 80 question exam is just $12.95. If you so desire, you can purchase larger exams at a higher price. We have priced the larger tests to be a better value for the money.
3. Upon payment for the selected test, you will have to fill out the student registraton form. Once you are registered, you will be able to access each test for a total of 7 days from the date you purchase the practice exam. You will only be able to complete each practice exam one time. Upon completion of the practice exam, you will be given a score, and allowed to review only those questions that you got incorrect. Each question has a rationale for the correct answer.

Additional Preperation

Exam success is more than just knowledge. Remember to prepare physically for the exam by getting a good nights sleep, eating a good meal the day of the exam, and exercise the day before to relieve any "test anxiety" your body may have. GOOD LUCK!
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When you purchase a practice exam, you will have access to the test for 7 days in the online format. You may review the questions that you missed, and see the correct answer & why that particular answer is correct.

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